Java and its Architectural Components

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In this article, you would have understood What is Java and its Architectural Components

Java has been a blooming technology in recent days. It is widely used in various industries, which include financial services, retail and health care. The Demand for Java Developers is likely to continue to grow in the future. If you want to start your career as a Java Developer, Join Java Course in Chennai at FITA Academy, where our expert trainers will train you from basics to advanced level.

Java Architectural Components:

Java Architecture is generally a collection of components that integrates the interpretation and compilation process. It typically involves all the functions which involve in creating a Java program. The Java Architectural Components generally consist of 

  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Java Development Kit

Java Virtual Machine:

Java Virtual Machine is generally an architectural component which makes the Java program run on any platform. Java usually operates on the WORA feature, which means to write once and run anywhere—Java virtual machine, which uploads every code and then verifies it is loading into memory for execution.

Java Runtime Environment:

The Java runtime environment combines the Java code with the necessary libraries. After this, the virtual machine starts the code execution. The Java runtime environment consists of several tools, deployment technologies, integration libraries and class libraries used in the execution of Java code. The Java Byte code can run on different platforms, and there is a need for the presence of a Java runtime environment. Learn Java Online, which helps the learners to learn the concepts at their Flexible time.

Java Development Kit:

The Java development kit is the software environment generally used to develop Java applications. It usually consists of a Java runtime environment, compiler and Java interpreter. The Java development kit consists of Appletviewer, javac, and JavaDoc. All these components are available in the development kit, which helps to develop the Java programs.

Salary for Java Developers:

An Entry Level Java Developer usually earns an average salary of 4LPA. A mid-career Java developer usually earns an average salary of 9LPA. An experienced Java developer with 15 years of experience usually earns an average salary of 18 LPA.


In this Article, you would have understood What is Java and Java Architectural Components are. The Demand for Java Developers is increasing rapidly. Certified Java Developers can start their careers in giant companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Google. To begin your career in such big companies, join the Java Course in Bangalore to gain basic to advanced skills in Java.