About kuettu
Kuettu is a Social Networking Platform that connects you with the people of your interest and things you like


About The company

Kuettu.com is a Sophistical Social Network Platform created by African Software Engineers for connecting people and stay in touch with everything which happens in the world...

It was founded in September 2018. Its founders first began using Social ConnectU in 2011 to connect users over the world.

Kuettu.com has servers located in France, and the management is made in DR CONGO

Our Vision

We enable the world to easily communicate from our Platform.

Our Values

Integrity: We are accountable, honest and fair in all our interactions.
Tenacity: We persevere through difficulty, aware that better times lie ahead.
Openness: We are open to a diversity of ideas and opinions and are transparent in our actions.
Responsiveness: We are reliable, respectful and helpful to each other and our users.
Freedom: We have the freedom to respond to our customer needs and industry trends in order to shape our future. We need profit to keep this freedom.