New World Seasonal Model and Free & Premium Season Pass

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Amazon Gaming has just announced a major update to its hit MMORPG New World.

Amazon Gaming has just announced a major update to its hit MMORPG New World. From 2023, the New World game will switch to a seasonal mode, with more frequent and exciting content drops. Each season will last for three months, full of new features and gameplay experiences to keep players hooked.

The season pass is the biggest highlight of this year's Amazon New World update. Players can earn levels and rewards by completing in-game tasks. Everyone can enjoy the free tracks, but those who opt for the premium version will get even more goodies at each level. These include fancy cosmetics, sigils of wealth, Boost tokens, and more.

Don't worry, this is not a pay-to-win feature! With the exception of cosmetics, all premium track content will still be available through regular play. All players, New World Gold is your in-game financial support, and as such, it's the easiest to get and the hardest to satisfy. As your level increases, so does your need.

Titled "Fellowship and the Fire," the first season is packed with excitement. Players can look forward to new story elements, exciting crusades, a powerful new heartstone ability called "Firestorm", gear set storage, and brand new server areas.

The story revolves around the Silver Crows, an elite group of mercenaries who help Skye, the Spearwoman, against the fearsome Warlock and Varangian tribes. As for the expedition, get ready for the Empyrean Forge, a level 60+ quest set in the Great Rift.

New World has been praised for its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, but the real action and best moments are in the final game. So get ready for the challenges ahead and get excited into the new season!

New World brings a fresh season mode, a thrilling season pass, and exciting content for players to enjoy. Tired of endless grinding? Buy New World Gold now on and get ready for an epic adventure filled with new challenges, rewards and a wonderful player community.