Is Kiwi Better Than Skyscanner?

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Kiwi and Skyscanner continue to be widely used internet tools for comparing travel prices and times across the globe

Both Kiwi and Skyscanner continue to be widely used internet tools for comparing travel prices and times across the globe. However, each traveller has the freedom to choose whether they would rather use Skyscanner UK Flights or Kiwi's platform to purchase their tickets.

While both are reliable options for finding cheap flights online, they do provide slightly different sets of tools and services. For a quick overview, read on.

Flight Search and Options.


Using Kiwi's 'Virtual Interlining' technology, travellers can book flights on multiple airlines without necessarily having a formal agreement between them. as a result, schedules can be adjusted on the fly, perhaps saving money in the process.

Users can search for flights that include many cities, and they can even set their own travel dates.


Skyscanner is a website that compares flight prices from a number of different airlines and/or travel companies around the world. As a result, passengers have access to more flight alternatives from a variety of carriers. Constantly presenting options and letting consumers pick the best one.

Skyscanner is similar to Kiwi in that it allows users to enter specific travel dates and use additional filters to narrow down flight results to only those that meet their needs in terms of price and convenience.

User Interface and Experience:


Kiwi's intuitive design makes it easy to browse flight options and make a reservation. In addition, the site's user-friendly layout and design accommodates visitors of all skill levels. Overall, this ensures a smooth flight-searching and -booking process.


Skyscanner's UI was developed with the platform's usability in mind, so its features are easily accessible. Skyscanner is easy to navigate and adapts its layout depending on the device being used to access it. Overall, it's simple enough for customers to use for flight searching, comparison, and access to other extras.

Additional Services.


Kiwi is a one-stop shop for travel arrangements of all kinds, including hotel stays, car rentals, and flight itineraries. As a result, you may use it as a one-stop shop for organising your entire trip.


Skyscanner, on the other hand, is confined to just helping people locate cheap flights and hotels and vehicle rentals all over the world. Skyscanner does not, however, handle the actual booking process.

Pricing and Deals.


By combining Kiwi's flight search with the innovative Virtual Interlining tool, users may narrow their results to include only the flight combinations that best suit their desired departure and arrival times, as well as the possibility of receiving a price discount.

However, the cost of any given flight might vary widely depending on variables like supply and demand.


Skyscanner is a flight search engine that allows users to not only find the cheapest tickets, but also compare them in real time. Since airfares and hotel rates are highly competitive, we want to give users as many options as possible to find the best possible value.

Customer Support.


Even though Kiwi has a customer care team, there have been instances of users having trouble reaching them on occasion. According to testimonials, the platform is inefficient in this respect.


Skyscanner, on the other hand, has excellent customer service that is readily accessible online around the clock to help users with any questions or concerns they may have. However, turnaround time may vary by region, be assured that your concerns will be addressed.

These are some of the main similarities and differences between the two systems. Keep in mind that your mileage may vary while using any online travel service, since there will always be some hiccups that are out of anyone's control. So, before picking one, make sure you look at customer feedback, compare prices, and study any fine print.