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You should continue reading this article if you are planning on using this exchange because, in our further content, we will talk about what is Robinhood and how Robinhood work. This will also include the Robinhood login process, along with the password resetting process.

Investing and trading become more simple when there is zero commission involved. However, in todays era, the chances of finding such a platform are just impossible. But, we have come up with a platform that will help you to lift your crypto trading journey transparently and economically. We are here going to discuss on Robinhood.

Through this precise read, we will try to leam the crucial aspects associated with the login, and other operations that investors can perform through this platform without levying any extra burden on their pockets, which means that the operations supported on this platform are totally commission-free.

What do you need to perform to gain access to this platform?

Getting access to the services offered by this platform for investors residing in the United States is not at all complicated. But, do remember, the information that you are going to provide here should be authentic i.e. it should match the information (name) as your government-issued ID has.

Following are the steps that you need to take for completing the registration process:

  1. Reach the official website of Robinhood
  2. Drag the cursor to the upper right corner of the screen, and click on Sign Up
  3. A registration form will then appear, complete the form accurately by entering the true information
  4. Create a robust account password to secure your trading and investing account
  5. Tap on Continue

Once you successfully complete the registration process, you can then proceed ahead to login for regaining access to your account.

Regaining account access with the login process

  1. Navigate to the official website of Robinhood
  2. Bang on the Log In button, located at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Log in page will then be displayed in front of you, accurately mentioning the login credentials
  4. Mark a tick in the box to agree to Keep me logged in for up to 30 days (optional)
  5. Hit on Log In

Oops!! Dont remember your account password?

Worry not. You can re-create the password by simply staying on the login.

Simply click on the Forgot Your Password? option and then follow the prompted actions. Further, you can also settle the problem emerging out of not remembering your email address. To register a new email address, tap on Forgot your Email Address? and then perform the further actions as and when they get displayed on your screen.

Stay on top of the financial news with Snacks

Robinhood has added a new section named Snacks. This section carries all the crucial information relating to all the financial news. Investors have to submit their email ID if they wish to avail of this service. Once the investor submits his email ID, he then starts receiving a three minutes fresh newsletter to help investors know what is going on in the financial world as this further helps them to take wise decisions relating to their trade.

Further, you can even submit the same email address that you have provided for the login.

Final Lines

With a login, users can grab amazing opportunities and most importantly get rid of the commission charges. Through this platform, investors can invest their funds in stocks, options, ETFs, and other investing operations supported by that platform. Moreover, if you are having any general query relating to the operations supported by this portfolio or how to perform a particular task then check out the answers relating to your query by reaching the Support head provided on the home page of this platform.