Ultimate Guidance to Setup 2FA in Crypto.com Signin

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Ultimate Guidance to Setup 2FA in Crypto.com Signin

As a crypto trader, you might have heard of so many cases of hacking, thefts, scam, or cyber-attacks and these malicious activities always remind us that the assets or data available on any digital platform are not completely safe. So, what do we do, how can we save our nines?

Well! If you are aCrypto.comuser, we have an effective solution for you. Yes! Crypto.com allows you to set up a two-factor authenticator that works as a shield to protect your access with Crypto.com signin. So, wash off your worries and go through this read to learn the 2FA setup process from soups to nuts. Make sure that you have already created your account and enabled your access with Crypto.com login and then you can set up two-factor authentication on your account.

Which Activities Get Protected by 2FA?

All the necessary activities, especially fund-related activities ask you to provide a 2FA code first (if enabled) for making the second step. The list of such activities includes:

  • Send crypto assets to other Crypto.com app users

  • Crypto withdrawal

  • Fiat withdrawal

  • Wallet address whitelist

  • Gift Card Purchase

  • Mobile Airtime

Pathway to Accomplish 2FA Setup Process onCrypto.com Signin

First of all, make sure that you have accessed your account with the help of Crypto.com login and then you can proceed to set up 2-factor authentication by taking the actions mentioned below.

  1. First, open the app and perform Crypto.com sign-in.

  2. Next, open the Accounts menu and tap on Settings.

  3. Once, the Settings menu got opened, look for the Two-factor authentication tab.

  4. Enable the 2FA toggle to proceed and install an appropriate authenticator app.

  5. After enabling the toggle of 2FA, a QR code will be prompted, and scan it with the installed authenticator app.

  6. After this, maximize the authenticator app and look for the Add another account option.

  7. Once it is found, tap on it and provide the secret key of your account further when asked.

  8. Now, save the changes you made and it will generate a TOTP for you.

    • TOTP stands for Time-based one-time password which means the generated code will work for a specific time period only.

  9. Copy the generated 6-digit 2FA code from the authenticator app and then open the Crypto.com app.

  10. You need to perform the Crypto.com signin again here and then hit Proceed to verify.

  11. After this, feed the 6-digit code youve copied and complete the 2FA setup process.

This way, you can provide an extra layer of security to your Crypto.com account and can perform a seamless and secure Crypto.com signin.

Lets understand the process of resetting 2FA on Crypto.com

In case, you are unable to access the 2FA code or you just want to change it for security purposes, the actions you need to take are listed below.

Without Crypto.com 2FA credentials:

  1. Open the app, performCrypto.com login, and hit Setup 2FA.

  2. Enable the toggle of 2FA to proceed.

  3. Scan the prompted code with the authenticator app.

  4. Now, finalize the process by setting up a new 2FA account just by changing the name of the account.

With Crypto.com 2FA signin credentials:

  1. Initiate by completing the Crypto.com signin.

  2. Navigate through the Settings page next.

  3. Proceed by hitting the Reset 2FA tab from there.

  4. Hit on Yes when asked about the 2FA credentials.

  5. Now, provide the passcode you use for Crypto.com signin.

  6. Also, authenticate your 2FA code by feeding it at the designated space.

  7. Now, scan the prompted code and hit Proceed to verify.

  8. To complete further verification, input the 2FA code generated by the authenticator app.

And, this is it! Now, you will be able to see the screen saying that your 2FA is reset successfully and you can use this newly generated code further for accessing all protected account activities.

Wrapping Up!

In this fast-paced era, where malicious activities are spreading their roots, it is necessary to be aware of the protection of invested funds. As a Crypto.com user if you are looking for a way to protect your account to stay away from hacks, scams, and frauds, setting up 2 FA in Crypto.com sign can help you in mitigating the chances of any such mishappenings. So, go through this read and provide an extra shield to your Crypto.com account by enabling two-factor authentication right away.