How and where to download MetaMask extension from?

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You cannot download the MetaMask Chrome Extension for Android phones. So you can use its mobile application or a browser extension for accessing it through computers or laptops. If you are a beginner then follow our guide that will give you a detailed step-by-step process of how you can st

MetaMask as an Ethereum-based crypto wallet is already being used a lot by crypto traders from across the globe. Thanks to the diverse functionalities that it offers to its users. Apart from being a safe crypto wallet, MetaMask also works as the gateway to access decentralized applications, has a wide range of crypto trading options, and lets you work with NFTs as well. In case you have got so much positive feedback about this safe crypto wallet, then you might be interested to know how to start using it.

Well, if you are planning to use it, the first step that you need to take in this scenario is to download MetaMask extension. But, due to the ever-rising scams and the previous hacking instances, it is not possible for new users to figure out what could be the ultimate destination for them to get the MetaMask extension downloaded.

So, if you are one such user and you wish to find out how you can get started with this wallet service on your device, then you can refer to the guidelines that I am going to share in the sections to follow.

From where to get the authentic MetaMask extension?

If this question is creeping up in your mind again and again, then it's time to put a full stop to this. The authentic or the official MetaMask extension can be downloaded from the official MetaMask website viz. Whether you wish to download MetaMask extension or wish to install its mobile application, then you can visit this website and hit the "Download" button to get to the official download links.

On the other hand, if you are planning to get the Metamask Extension for Chrome, then you are suggested to use the Chrome web store to get the extension added to your browser. With that understood, it is time now to learn how to get the extension added to your device.

Please note that the first few steps that are given in the process below are the same for every web browser and then you need to follow the browser-specific steps to get the extension added.

For example- Let's learn to download Metamask Extension for Chrome

From Chrome web store:

  1. From your Chrome browser, visit
  2. Now, navigate to the "Search the store" search box
  3. In this box, please enter "MetaMask" and press the "Enter" button
  4. Pick the first search result by selecting it
  5. Thereafter, you can choose the "Add to Chrome" option
  6. After selecting the "Add extension" option, the extension can be opened and used

From the official MetaMask website:

  1. Access the official MetaMask website by navigating to
  2. If you are using the Chrome web browser, the website will recognize your browser
  3. Further, you can select the option referred to as "Download for Chrome"
  4. Thereafter, you can choose the "Add to Chrome" and "Ad extension" options
  5. Lastly, when the extension is added, you can open it and set up your MetaMask wallet

Download MetaMask Extension on other browsers

If you do not know, then let me tell you that the MetaMask extension can be easily downloaded on different web browsers in addition to Chrome. These include:

  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Edge
  • And Firefox

To download MetaMask extension on any of the listed web browsers, you simply need to make a visit to the official website which is mentioned above. Once you are there on the official page, you can head ahead by selecting the "Download" option. When on the Download page, scroll down a little and pick your preferred browser by selecting its icon. As soon as you do so, a new page shall open on which you just need to follow a few easy prompts to get the task done.

Concluding thoughts:

The article above talks about how you can get Metamask Extension for Chrome and other web browsers. Apart from that, we have also walked you through the comprehensive details of what could be done in case you are not able to figure out which is the most authentic destination to get the extension installed. I hope this article was of enough help to you and you got what you were looking forward to.