Electricians Eureka CA - Things You Shouldn't Do Yourself

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Need to replace a circuit breaker, upgrade GFCI outlets in damp locations or add new electrical outlets? Trust a certified electrician for expert commercial and industrial services.

Working with electricity isnt usually a do-it-yourself kind of job. Even small jobs, like replacing a light fixture, are often best left to a professional licensed electrician.

Need to replace a circuit breaker, upgrade GFCI outlets in damp locations or add new electrical outlets? Trust a certified electrician for expert commercial and industrial services.

Electric Panel Installation

Electric Panel Installation (also called the breaker box or fuse box) is an important part of your homes wiring. Its what connects the wires from the city or county power lines to the rest of your house.

Most electrical panels are configured to accept 150 to 400 amps of current. If you have extra space in your panel, additional circuit breakers can be added easily. Before doing so, your electrical contractor will check the existing capacity by adding up the current ratings of each breaker and comparing them to the available slots in your panel.

Before proceeding with a service panel swap, youll need to submit several construction documents. These will include a building application and a project description. If the work youre having done will require underground feeder circuits, youll need a trench detail and a site plan. If the work is in a flood zone, youll need a Flood Elevation Certificate. Youll also need to have the new circuits wired properly.

Voltage Circuits

Voltage (electromotive force) is what causes current to flow in a circuit. Its the electrical pressure needed to push each coulomb of charge through a given resistance. In other words, the higher the voltage in a circuit, the more current flows and the stronger the electromotive force.

A circuit is a path through which electric current can be transmitted from the power source to devices that change it into other forms of energy, such as lights and household appliances. Each device in a circuit has its unique resistance value, which is determined by its internal construction and can range from microscopic to extremely high.

When a circuit contains components connected in series, voltages add up. For example, 4V across the battery and 2V across the resistor will result in 6V across all parts of the circuit. However, its difficult to test the current through components connected in series since you must break the circuit to connect a meter. As a result, most tests in electronics are done with voltmeters which can be used without disturbing the circuit.


Working with electricity isnt generally a do-it-yourself kind of task. Some small jobs, like swapping out a lightbulb, can be handled by the average person, but intensive electrical repairs are best left to professional Eureka electricians.

The Facilities Operations Program is responsible for the maintenance and systems operation of over eighty City facilities, including Eureka City Hall, Humboldt Bay Fire Headquarters, Municipal Auditorium, Adorni Center, Wharfinger Building, and several recreation and public utility centers. Services include custodial, carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, and facility maintenance.

Many local trade schools and technical colleges offer electrician certificate classes, diplomas, and associates degrees. Use the program search application to find an accredited school near you and learn how to read blueprints, run wiring, inspect and replace defective parts, and ensure local electric codes are being met. These skills can also help you increase your pay rate.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Services is a great way to showcase garden areas and other features of your property after dark. A good lighting designer will consider both function and aesthetics to create a balanced light plan that brightens the entire landscape.

Wall mount exterior lights are suitable for any flat surface, from the house or garden walls to a column beside your front door or gazebo posts. Theyre available in a variety of designs and finishes to complement any style. Choose a fixture that will withstand weather conditions, such as the hot sun and strong rain showers.

Post lights are tall poles that cast a soft, diffused glow into planting beds and other areas. They also work well as security lighting or to mark a pathway. Bollard lights are shorter versions that can be used to illuminate steps, driveways, and other walkways.

Landscape lighting typically relies on a low-voltage system. The lights receive one-tenth the power from your homes 120 volts thanks to a transformer that reduces the current. Youll need a 20-amp GFCI outdoor receptacle to plug the transformer into.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements, also called leasehold improvements, are any modifications that a tenant makes to a space that goes beyond simple maintenance and repair work. These changes may include painting, wallpapering, installing new fixtures, replacing outdated appliances, or upgrading kitchens or bathrooms. Tenants often receive reimbursement from landlords for these expenses. Landlords may require documentation or additional information from tenants before approving reimbursement requests.

Tenants should discuss their TI budget with their landlord and document it in their lease agreement. They should also track all expenses and receipts related to their TI project and submit them for reimbursement. Landlords typically reimburse tenants within 30 days, and the more complete the tenants documentation is, the faster they will receive their funds.