Fixing the connection issue of the MetaMask Chrome extension

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Follow these simple steps to reset the MetaMask Chrome extension, Open the MetaMask Chrome extension on your browser. Log into your wallet. Click on your profile icon. Go to “Settings”. Click on the “Advanced” option under the “Settings” menu. Scroll down and then click on the

Every platform existing in the crypto realm is somewhere interrelated. To experience the services rendered by one platform, you need to build connections between the two. Just like to enjoy the services offered by a dApp, one has to connect their wallet. Failure of connecting which will abstain the users from performing further activities. This is what we are going to discuss here.

MetaMask Chrome extension is a reliable way of accessing the crypto wallet through a web browser. To access MetaMask through a computer/laptop, individuals have to get an authentic extension installed on their devices. You might have gone through several reads, blogs, articles, and other informative documents that carry comprehensive information on how you can install an extension on your device.

Thus, here we will be skipping the process of installation and creating or importing a MetaMask wallet. We will here be directly jumping into how you can tackle the connection issue of the wallet while trying to connect it to a dApp.

So, are you all set to kick-start this journey?

If yes, then lets move ahead.

How do you notice the connection issue?

The primary question of the investors relating to this issue is how they came to know that there is some connection issue. This query is genuine and before diving into the resolutions to fix this issue, knowing how this issue emerges is considered better, so as to develop a deep understanding of the complete matter.

To be precise, whilst connecting the wallet to a dApp using the MetaMask Chrome extension on your computer/laptop, a confirmation box appears on the screen. The appeared box asks for the permission of the users to confirm a particular connection or not. This is how you can connect a dApp to your wallet.

Thus, when the users didnt receive any such box asking for permission relating to whether to confirm a particular connection or not, then this indicates that there is some issue with the connection process.

Reason behind the emergence of this error

Now, comes the next question in the queue i.e. what is the reason behind the emerging issue?

The sole reason that has been discovered till the time is that when more than one browser crypto wallets installed on the operating device works in the active state in a nick of time, then they lead to the emergence of this issue. Thus, to get rid of it, investors need to disable other wallets for working properly on MetaMask.

Getting rid of this issue- learn what to do

Whenever you encounter a failure in connecting the MetaMask Chrome extension to a dApp, immediately take action to disable the other wallets by reaching the extension manager of your browser. After disabling all the wallets, reload the page, and then again try performing the action.

What if this doesnt work out?

In case the above-recommended measure doesnt work in solving the emerging error, then you can take help from the customer support team of MetaMask by opting for Start a Conversation listed on the homepage of the wallet.

Learn how to disconnect the MetaMask Chrome extension from a dApp

Now, consider that you have connected your wallet to a dApp for performing a couple of trading activities and now you want to disconnect the same after the successful completion of your task. How are you going to do that, is another big question for the users.

Thus, to end all your queries, we are providing the steps for disconnecting your wallet from a dApp.

  1. Unlock your wallet by entering the correct password
  2. Reach the Account section of your wallet and from there tap on three vertical dots
  3. A short list will then get displayed on your screen, hit on Connected Sites
  4. Choose the site from where you want to disable your wallet and tap on the Disconnect button next to the selected site

This is how you can easily disconnect your wallet from any connected dApp.

Having multiple wallets connected to a particular site?

If you are having multiple wallets connected with a particular site, then an option of Disconnect All Accounts will appear. Tap on the provided button to disable all the connected sites.

Closing Thoughts!!

You can perform the above-mentioned steps not only in the case of the MetaMask Chrome extension but in the case of any other extension that you have installed to streamline your crypto funds. The process of disconnecting a site from the wallet gets different when you perform wallet activities through a mobile app. To get exact details of how you can disconnect a dApp through the MetaMask mobile app, visit the support section of the wallet and check the complete information provided over there relating to the same.