Lost Ark: How To Get The Little Luck Island Token

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Maybe you have been working on collecting all of the tokens in the islands in Lost Ark, or you just need that one last token for that reward you have had your eye on. Either way, you've come ot the best place because after you're through with this particular guide, you will be

The Little Luck Island token is among the easiest to acquire in this MMO. Considering this island is among the smallest islands hanging around, it shouldn't get you long whatsoever to get the token. However, you have to time it perfectly.

Little Luck Island

This is among the smallest islands in Lost Ark. On the map, it's located over the North Luterran Sea. This island literally is a small parcel with two attached trees onto it. It's so small it doesn't actually have a Mokoko seed. On the main map, it's the island located below North Vern and above Yudia. It will be next to the whirlwind symbol in the spotlight that's located near East Luterra. Buying Lost ark Gold can help boost your gear in Lost ark, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling. 

Lost ark Gold

Little Luck Chest

Every couple of hours, you will see an NPC named Erin who'll spawn for roughly ten minutes. If you happen to arrive at the island when Erin isn't there, you could travel around doing other missions before you see others mentioning in chat he has arrived.

Once you ultimately catch him when he's active, you will need to purchase the Chest of Little Luck for 100 pirate coins. Each chest you open may have a chance of providing you with the Island Token. However, this could take over twelve tries to actually obtain. Some have even claimed it took them over 70 chests until these were given the soul. Since it is a random drop, you won't be certain to receive it within the first few chests.

If the chest area does not drop the soul, you'll receive various levels of silver along with other treasures. This is the only way to find the token out of this island. The more chests you buy, the greater your odds increase to get the soul. On average, you'll probably spend an overall total of 5,000 - 10,000 pirate coins before you receive the soul. cheap lost ark gold and more at MMOWTS