What are the best marquees in Islamabad

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A wedding is a joyous occasion where two individuals join hands in matrimony. It is an event fixed by destiny but celebrated by society and remains in memory for the rest of their lives. To make an auspicious event more memorable for the couple and people, it is important to choose from th

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From the last couple of decades, all-out wedding traditions have become trendy, and why it should not be when luxurious marquees wedding halls are dotted everywhere in twin cities. A magnificent wedding venue is a perfect complement to such a precious day; luckily, you can find numerous lavish wedding venues in the vicinity of Islamabad. Also read our blog business ideas in pakistan.

With lots of options available, it is hard to choose the best marquees in Islamabad. The quest for the best wedding marquees in Islamabad needs lots of research. With lots of choices available, the selection can be overwhelming. Worry not, Realtorspk.com has got you covered, and here we are with the list of wedding halls in Islamabad that offer the best services.


Things to Consider Before Choosing Marquees in Islamabad:

Researching a wedding venue is never an easy task. You have to visit multiple venues and discover the location, the bridal room, the entrance, decoration, catering, etc. There are so many things to look at that you can easily get lost in the whirl of lavish opportunities.

Remember that if things do not go well according to the plan, the memorable day can turn into a messy one. There are lots of marquees in Islamabad; you can choose the one that suits your needs and matches your budget.

Few things which are must to see before booking a marquee are:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Distance from Home

While choosing a place to stay in the federal of Pakistan, you should also look for a place which is easily accessible and offer the best services; for details, read our blog, Hotels in Islamabad.

Best Wedding Marquees in Islamabad:

Worry not if you are looking for the most economical wedding hall in Islamabad or a venue with the easiest location, whether you prefer an outdoor wedding or some intimate indoor event. Realtorspk.com has done all the research for you. We are bringing a list of the best marriage halls in Islamabad. So let’s get started:


1. Bukhara Royale

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Bukhara Royale is one of the best marquees in Islamabad. The luxurious venue is ideal for many events such as weddings, occasion celebrations, corporate events, etc. The marquee is located on the main Islamabad expressway, near Gulberg Green.

There are numerous reasons that make Bukhara Royale among the best marriage halls in Islamabad. You can enjoy ultra-modern, exotic and unique interior design. Moreover, you can enjoy 360 degrees services for a variety of events. Due to spacious halls and marquees, around 3000 guests can accommodate simultaneously.

Therefore, it is the perfect venue for large gatherings. The Marquee has spacious free parking for guests; additionally, enjoy the best catering services in twin cities at Bukhara Royale. So no more fuss about catering issues as their caterers has their personalized kitchens. All these features make Bukhara Royale a synonym for comfort and luxury.


2. Paradise Complex

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The Paradise Complex is a one-stop venue in Islamabad. You can hold the most memorable celebrations of your matrimony here; celebrate birthdays and occasions with friends and family or corporate events. The Paradise complex has been giving the best services since 2007.

The complex is situated at Expressway Islamabad and comprises several halls and marquees to offer visitors the best facilities and services. The complex is famous for its luxurious interiors and ultra-modern architecture. The aesthetic design leaves lasting impressions on visitors’ hearts.

The magnificent Paradise Complex consist of 5 spaces for events that include

  • Anabia Hall
  • Hakim Hall
  • Paradise Marquee
  • Marjan Marquee
  • Jawahir Hall

The halls and marquees can accommodate 1000 to 1500 people, whereas Marjan Marquee can accommodate 100 to 150 people, making it perfect for intimate ceremonies and small corporate events.

The services of Paradise Complex include

  • Boutique
  • Beauty Salon
  • Catering
  • Photography Studio
  • Wedding Planner
  • Lavish Decor
  • Lavish decor
  • Wedding Planner

3. The Aura Grande

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Aura Grande is one of the best marriage halls in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Located in the vicinity of E-11, the Grand Marquee offers lavish wedding halls and marquees with fantastic services, top-class catering, scrumptious food and magnificent venues at economical prices.

Aura Grande Complex comprises four halls and is known as one of the federal’s premier marriage halls. With eye-catching interiors, impressive sitting areas, and service, Aura Grande makes the event grand and memorable.

There are four halls that can accommodate from 100 to 800 guests. The management of a complex also offers contingency planning. Hence, the marquee can easily accommodate an excessive number of guests at limited time notice. With al-embracing services and breath-taking interiors, Aura Grande surely becomes one of the top-tier marriage halls in the list of wedding halls in Islamabad.

4. Fortress Marquee

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Are you looking for an affordable marquee in Islamabad? Do you want to make your wedding look royal? Then why wait and hire Fortress Marquee for your upcoming event and make it a cherished memory of your life?

Fortress Marquee is a colonial-style building in the federal of Pakistan located at Islamabad Expressway. The Fortress Marquee shines like a majestic golden light in the dark. Due to its location, the venue is easily accessible from twin cities combined with the facilities it offers; the wedding complex has become a top choice for events by twin cities residents.

The marquee management offers services like event planning, uninterrupted electricity supply, wheelchair access ramps, wifi, a spacious parking area with valet parking, a high-tech music system,  unmatched catering service, indoor outdoor seating options, off-season discounts, etc. Fortress Marquee has three event spaces that can easily accommodate 100 to 300 people.

5. Monal Marquee

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Located in the vicinity of E-11, Monal Marquee has become one of the top wedding marquees in Islamabad. The Monal Marquee offers an exotic experience embedded with grace, elegance and tradition. The marquee offers clients a wide range of services, such as a savory palate of international cuisines to a bridal room.

Monal Marquee is also famous for its mouth-watering menu for buffets and dinners. If you are looking for a scrumptious hi-tea menu in Islamabad

The marquee offers extravagant décor and ultra-modern architecture that gives the guest a magnificent royal feel; the entire hall is decorated with artistic woodwork, eloquent chandeliers, and granite floors, which make your eve a cherished memory. The Monal Marquee can accommodate 100 to 700 people, which fit the need of all size of events.

Let’s wrap it up

So that’s all for now! We hope this blog will help you shortlist the best marquee in Islamabad to hire for your special occasion.