How To Farm Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4

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A Treasure Goblin has been a very fun type of creature in the Diablo series.

One of the most important aspects of Diablo 4 is finding powerful loot to max builds. There are indeed multiple ways to get items, such as using Diablo 4 gold buy, looting chests, and killing bosses. However, there is also a special type way to get loot - farm the Treasure Goblins.

The Treasure Goblin is a random encounter in Diablo 4 that has the potential to give you amazing loot. After all, the Goblin carries a big fat sack with juicy loot; when a player encounters one of the Treasure Goblins, they will hear them laughing in the distance.

Unlike normal monsters, when attacked, it will run for its life — and to secure its loot. As the Treasure Goblin flees, you can follow it via a trail of dropped gold it leaves. But they’re relatively sturdy foes, and they won’t rely on their durability alone, running amok when a threat has appeared. If their flight brings them near other enemies or obstacles, all the better, as it’ll hinder their tormentors and gives them more opportunity to escape.

So players must quickly locate and defeat it because if they wait too long, the Treasure Goblin will open up a portal and escape. In order to kill them, players need to follow these steps:

  •     Players should try to sneak up on them if possible because as soon as you attack any enemy near it, he will start running away from you.
  •     Players should finish them as soon as possible because they will open a portal after some time to run away.
  •     Players should have skills like the dash or steel grasp to close the distance between you and the treasure goblin.

After killing the treasure Goblin, players can find some very good loot as they can drop elite items and material alongside a good amount of Diablo 4 gold. Also, players can try some things to increase their chances of finding and farming the treasure goblins:

  •     Players should try to clear as many dungeons as possible because many players have found the treasure goblins inside there.
  •     Players should always be on the lookout for the gold shine coming from a distant enemy because they are surely coming from treasure goblins.
  •     Players should play with sounds to hear the distinctive sound of the treasure goblin when he is near them.

That’s how you can farm the treasure goblin in Diablo 4. Good Luck!