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His vegan leather won't stretch or crease as easily with wear, and his ultrathin rubber sole is waterproof and more durable and less slippery than a traditional leather sole.

On Monday, she took to the New York City streets in a pair of wear-everywhere Sorel sneakers. Even better, the two already know each other. Like most good partnerships, this one was born from friendship and mutual respect.

I already wear my pair almost every day during the summertime-out to dinner, to the beach, running errands around the city-so it will certainly be an easy transition.

It's about showing that side of yourself, and Craig did such a great job of capturing that. Irina has always been my favorite supermodel because she embodies strength, Mellon says.

This season Valencia is back as a Golden Goose Sale sexier, body-conscious white dress with the strips of fabric like a mummy's. As other brands churn out multiple collections a year, Sano is committed to taking it slow.

Although at this point in January 2021, for me, working from home is starting to feel normal. Propolis has admittedly experienced a much tamer ascent.

Online there are no rules, but what I share with the world is only what works for me. So when I first entertained the possibility of testing out one of these iterations, my first stop was Yandy, a hub for saucy lingerie but also delightfully risque party costumes.

Though well aware that her designs must function, practicality isn't what Pudelko is after. I don't want to forget the castle, but you have to be rooted in the present, he said.