New World Hatchet weapon guide players should know

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New World Hatchet weapon guide players should know

In New World, The Throwing tree has some good effects, providing several throwing abilities with useful effects. Rending Throw can reduce the enemy's damage absorption and increase the player's damage output. Social Distancing provides a slow backward movement, which helps to increase the distance between opponents in PvP. And Infected Throw is one of the only abilities that can apply disease states to reduce treatment.

This tree also has a node where the ability to throw an axe can replace the player's block. If the player can repeatedly hit the target's head, this combined with other nodes in the throwing tree can allow a series of critical strikes. Persistent Hindrance is the ultimate skill of throwing trees. After successfully hitting with a throwing axe, it can extend the duration of all axe debuffs by 30%.

For heavy melee weapons, the great New World Coins axe provides amazing chasing and capturing potential, as well as a lot of damage potential. Mauler Trees and Reaper Trees are quite balanced in what they provide. The Great Axe is usually lacking in PvE. Although it has excellent AoE, has a high range of slashing attacks and a large number of AoE skills, it is often lacking in causing damage.

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For early upgrade players, you may want to start with Maelstrom and Whirlwind. If the player is focused on using it purely for PvP, Charge and Gravity Well are usually the priority skills. In both cases, the third skill is usually beheading, unless the player wants to use the charge to traverse the open world slightly faster.

As a two-handed melee weapon, it will only reduce the damage caused by power. This usually results in it being used to supplement another melee weapon because it has no additional scaling. It is most often paired with Hatchet, because it makes up for Hatchet's lack of practicality when doing rampage builds. If players lack Amazon New World Coins in the game, welcome to visit NewWorldCoins to purchase.