When I become a mem, I will put a post for anyone

When I become a mem, I will put a post for anyone


If you can suggest what to lvl my stats to and OSRS Gold were i train plz comment. I train in the massive spiders of Sos. I get 25k exp an hour in F2P. Since I have not been an active member, you can recommend an awesome machine to train on when you need speedy exp.

When I become a mem, I will put a post for anyone who would like to do castle wars or another combat related mini-game is welcome to contact me once I make that post, so keep an eye out for that in the future. I am also acquiring enough stuff to get to about 75 flying, so if you'd like to fletch with me when you become a member, put it on my post when i declare that i am a mem! Ty again!

Help me with my accounts. Skillcapes. The problem is that I want to make the "Hp Pure". I am aware that there are a variety of ways to do this, but I do not know which one will get me the lowest level of CB. I know that 99 att or str with one str will give me an 88hp. But pcing is dead and I thought of doing this...

I believe you will be able to, with 74str and 52hp to be eligible for 40cb. If you have the 40cb, you'll be eligible, with 24k+ points to be able, to receive 99hp.

The issue i am facing here is let's say I get 99str and 99hp, I like the HP cape the best, and I like it untrimmed tbh same as the str. What I am trying to convey is can i get more than 1 cape untrimmed as when i get 99str i would like to Buy RS3 Gold be able to wear the cape etc... or will I have to wait until 99hp if i want that cape cut?