As someone who would like to EVE echoes

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Thanks! I've just implemented a fix for eve echoes isk this on my dev construct, I must be prepared to push an update in the next hour or two.I added it to my server but nothing happens when im write the commands that you added in examples.Make certain the bot has permissions to read and send messages into the channel you are attempting to use the controls from.Yes that was the error, now it works.Updated with fresh orders this morning! Check out the Planetary Resources control to discover the closest planets using the greatest planetary resource output signal or use the jump command to quickly find out the number of jumps are between any two systems!

Just my proposal. As someone who would like to sell Rolex materials in a large volume, I think I'd rather see the maximum buy price of the product, but at precisely the exact same time, the maximum price ought to have a large quantity (so perhaps it shouldn't be called highest buy price per se, but more like highest buy price with a minimum of X substantial quantity with the amount being dynamic for each product ). However, as somebody who specializes in Planetary Materials, I would like to market my mats in the maximum cost (obv).

If I see the market in-game now, the highest buy price is 113.0, but the person is only buying 1,025 units:--LRB- Therefore I most probably won't market there seeing there's another person buying for 110.0 per unit and he wants 24,929 units. I naturally wish to market for 110.0 each instead of 113.0 (due to the minimal cost amount ) or 73.20 (the average cost ). If there is a way to demonstrate this 110.0, it'd be great.

Hmm. Interesting. Thank you for being so specific. My algorithm is probably seeing a lot of the huge orders that are still down at the 70-75 range and over-indexing on those. I think that incorporating in the actual"highest purchase price using a large quantity" would be useful if I could update the info very often, but at the present rate of upgrades there is likely going to be a lot of fluctuation there. But I've been thinking about weighting purchase orders more if they are for higher costs so that those big orders which are significantly cheaper than the highest ones do not bring down the price too much. Does that make sense?

So my assumption is you are now considering all previous orders' prices as a factor in your current buy field, right? Consider my assumption correct. This method (I am not a statistician so please do pardon me if I make any errors ) seems as if you're considering too much of the older prices. Ideally, the costs taken into consideration should only be those previous X period from now (e.g. only consider costs from the past 2 times as the current buy price). Perhaps this will keep the data more"new" and up-to-date like I really don't know what mechanism there is to EVE Mobile ISK For Sale procedure old data.