Who are the 'pures' in osrs?

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Who are the 'pures' in osrs? The term"Pure" is used by Old School RuneScape players to determine the special type of accounts made only to RS gold achieve a specific level in a number of the stats while averting training other skills. For instance, a player who wants to achieve 99 Attack without instruction surveillance ability can be called an Attack Pure, and those who achieve 99 Magic with no additional level in Power are Magic Pures.

It's only an illustration as Pures might have very different stats. For example, Void Mage Pure will instruct only Magic and Hit Points while perhaps not leveling Defence stats. So to put it as simple as possible, Pures are reports which prevent leveling specific skills to achieve as low Combat Level as possible while staying as harmful as possible with high-level analytics from different abilities.

Just as mentioned above, players who wish to remain in low Combat Level range while using high damage dealing stats are Pures. They dedicate their time preventing getting expertise in some of the abilities while maximizing others. They do this because those gamers wish to be as dangerous in Player vs. Player as you can while looking like a low-level character.

These figures often disguise themselves as a low-level novices who look clueless when concealing their actual equipment in stock. They trick other players into cheap RuneScape gold attacking them and activating the Skull. If they get hit, the real fight starts. Pures alter their equipment quickly and take revenge on people who wanted to kill them in the first place. With low Combat Level, they may look like an easy target, but it's calculated dependent on abilities like Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Prayer, Strength, Ranged, and Magic, thus by keeping some of these stats low, you can achieve max hits with little to none disadvantages.