Why the laser pointer is restricted

Why the laser pointer is restricted


The U.S. has strict penalties for laser pointer abuse

US media said that around the world, audiences use mobile phones in theaters to disturb performers. But in China, theaters and other venues have adopted an effective (and one might say annoying) solution-"subduing" them with a laser pointer. According to a report on the US "New York Times" website on March 14, although the methods are various, the concepts are the same. During the performance, ushers equipped with laser pointers were seated above or around the auditorium. When they find a bright mobile phone screen, they do not have to rush to the mobile phone owner who violates the regulations, but quickly take out the (red or green)high power laser pointer and aim at the glowing mobile phone screen until the mobile phone owner stops using the phone.

The US Senate of South Dakota introduced a bill to "make certain uses of laser pointers illegal." Since January 27, 2021, Senate Bill 79 has added a new section stating that “if a person deliberately points the laser pointer at a law enforcement officer without the consent of the law enforcement officer, the person commits the first offence. Misdemeanor. For the following purposes: In this section, a laser pointer is a device that emits light that is amplified by the stimulated emission of radiation visible to the human eye. This clause was created by Republican State Senator Helen Duha Ming (Helene Duhamel) proposed. She said that this was the result of the use of lasers to interfere with or injure the police during the national protests in the summer of 2020. His eyes were injured and the pain was “just like his eyeballs were sunburned” during the protest. Use a laser pointer.

Pointing blue laser pointer beams at aircraft or their flight paths is illegal in the United States; up to 5 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. Anyone deliberately aiming the laser pointer beam at an aircraft within the jurisdiction of special aircraft in the United States, or the flight path of such aircraft, shall be fined or imprisoned for no more than 5 years, or both, in accordance with these regulations.