The best areas to buy a property in Ibiza

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Thinking of buying a home in Ibiza but don’t distinguish which area suits you best? Let us help you by giving the different areas of the island, each one of them with a different lifestyle.

Thinking of buying a home in Ibiza but don’t distinguish which area suits you best? Let us help you by giving the different areas of the island, each one of them with a different lifestyle.

The quiet North

In the beautiful countryside on the North of the island, there is the city of Sant Joan de Labritja. The area is rising in popularity for those seeking a more calm way of life. The charm of the area is a mix of unchanged nature – hidden beaches, stunning rugged coastline and beautiful green valleys. Classic Ibicenco fincas are the primary architectural style originate in this area, but there are also a few newly built possessions retaining the traditional local style. The village of San Juan is the focal point of this region, along with the part of San Miguel. Villas ibiza

The creative East side

The third main municipality on the island is Santa Eulalia del Río – stretching from the North after Cala San Vicente, and goes correct to the outskirts of Ibiza town, around Jesús, in the South. The main town is Santa Eulalia del Río, which offers great shops, eateries and a vivid life all year around. The charming village of San Carlos is the creative hub of the area with the famous hippy markets of Las Dalias and Punta Arabi. Jesús has become a very popular neighbourhood due to its key location just on the outskirts of Ibiza town. From a property point of view the area boasts a mix of traditional fincas, modern villas and bed-sitters. Want to know more about these types of property? Read here.

The green heart of the island

The centre of the island boasts remarkable green hills and valleys. Life here is relaxed and Santa Gertrudis and San Rafael are the main towns in this region. Living central will provide many advantages, and due to this planned location, prices to buy or rent a house in the area have gone up. From an architectural point of view, custom and modernity blend seamlessly together in this area. The new developments respect the existing building and this is important because in this way the town maintains a consistent look. Typical farmhouses fit comfortably with modern villas and bed-sitters.

The trendy South

At the same time as much of Ibiza town looks like a modern city, the traditional charm is kept in the Old Town (Dalt Vila). The city offers many restaurants, local shops, museums, art galleries, boutiques and bars to suit all discriminations and budgets. In the south-west of the island sits the biggest municipality, San José. This area features the whole south coast after Playa d’en Bossa in the East, then extends up the west coast as far north as San Antonio. Most of the famous beaches are situated in this area – Playa d’en Bossa, Es Cavallet, Ses Salines, Sa Caleta, Cala d´Hort, Cala Vadella and Cala Tarida. San José is the metropolis of the island that has seen the most rapid growth in population and prices.

The buzzing West coast

The second largest town on the island is San Antonio.The town gets very busy in summer, especially with new English holidaymakers who come to Ibiza for the parties and the sun. In winter the town gets quieter and families enjoy living here. On the peripheries of the town there are the pretty villages of Santa Agnès, San Augustín and San Mateo which remain almost totally unspoilt and keep the charm of the laid-back rural life. The west side is also famous for the lovely beaches of Cala Salada, Cala Compte and Cala Bassa. From many places in the west, the amazing Ibiza sunset can be seen, and this adds to the desirability of the area, especially around Cala Salada, where prices are continually rising.