Unemployed after College My Experience & Advice No One Wants To Tell You

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Slump and really change my mindset when it came to applying to jobs and that's what I'll be sharing with you today as I mentioned in my last article.

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Monday you might be thinking why should I listen to her about this specific issue not only have I had a ton of jobs in my life but I've also been employed right out of college like I mentioned I know exactly what this is like even though of course with covet and the pandemic right now it's a little bit different in college CIPD assignment writing experts online in UK I had two jobs and three internships altogether and then in the 18 months after college I've had five jobs actually so I am very painfully aware of the job application process and everything that goes into that and right now.


I'm going to be honest it's not looking good um you don't need me to tell you this but in terms of the job market really it has not been worse since the Great Depression even before the pandemic started forty-one percent of recent college grads were working in jobs that didn't require degrees which is underemployment and then now about half of recent college grads are just completely unemployed like they don't have any jobs whatsoever which makes sense considering that the displacement and layoffs caused by the pandemic have really focused in on groups that are making less than 50k or 100k a year and that's why right now this job market is a dumpster fire my first tip is to remember that this is the context that you're dealing with and to adjust your mindset accordingly the American Dream of infinite upward mobility and having a house by the time you're 25 is simply non-existent it's dead and meritocracy is essentially at this point a scam that elites have used to justify their immense amounts of wealth and power lately I've become really interested in this topic so I will link a few podcasts and books that I've checked out related to meritocracy in the description box as well.


But basically mindset is everything here you are not a failure for being unemployed or for struggling out of college this is the system that you're working within and it has really failed you not the other way around a concrete strategy to help with this is to really cultivate the energy that you let into your life and to maybe follow certain people on social media or online who make you feel like you are inferior in  any way I know there's been a huge trend lately of people posting things like how I bought my first house at the age of 23 or how I bought XYZ car as a 25 year old but you know stuff like that people sharing their income if that is not the type of energy that you want in your life you don't need it if it inspires you and motivates you of course you  should keep that around but that is something that's really helped me personally adjust my mindset and become a little bit easier on myself basically you are enough you've busted your ass through college to get here and the situation that you're in is simply completely out of your control you got to remember that what you're dealing with is now the new normal and there are ways to move forward but guilt tripping and shaming yourself are not two of those ways my second tip for people who are unemployed after college is to not please do not go to grad school because you can't find a job if it wasn't really in your plan all along to go to grad school and you're struggling to get a job or you're feeling a little bit bored and you miss the structure of schools.


So you're like oh I might want to go to grad school don't do it the especially messed up part of this is that universities know this they know that students once they become accustomed to being in a higher education setting they want a master's degree because they've been trained to do education and so that's why master’s degrees have really exploded in recent years as cash cows essentially for universities especially because there are caps on the amounts that you can take out on federal loans for your undergrad but there are no caps for your grad loans as a result they can  charge insane amounts of money for these master's degrees even though the return on investment the ROI may or may not even be there if you're really interested in learning a topic there are so many online courses and resources even schools amazing schools like Ivy League's