The wish of Genshin Impact Lanterns in the impact of Lantern Festival

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Genshin Impact "Hope on the Lantern" is part of the Lantern Rite event, which will end in Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, mobile devices, Switch TBA). Players who have not completed all activities will no longer be able to do so and will be lost.

So far, miHoYo has not republished any artworks and knowledge from past Web Events. Maybe one day they will be released as part of an art manual. However, now, once the web event ends, its content will be lost forever. Therefore, DualShockers archived all activities and artworks in the Lantern Rite Web Event in Genshin Impact. You can find everything below.

Let us first look at the Genshin Impact Account five small lanterns and their poems in the event. Second, we will sort out the artworks included in the event review section. Needless to say, if you haven't completed all the main story missions/archon missions available in Genshin Impact so far, there are some spoilers below.

Five small lanterns in the event:

    Small lanterns are decorated with images of bamboo leaves. May everything be as you wish in the coming year.
    Small lanterns are decorated with sparrows flying towards their nest. May the heroes return home to reunite with their family and friends.
    Decorate with images of swimming fish. May our luck be fulfilled in the coming year.
    Lantern decorated with images of grains. May you ask for nothing in the coming year.
    A small lantern decorated with an image of Mora. May you discover wealth and treasures in the coming year.

Hope that the Lantern Festival Lantern will affect network activities-retrospective artwork and stories

Personally, I think reviewing especially miHoYo is a good idea. Although this network event does not have different game elements from the "Slimes Paradise" event, looking back so far, the missions and events of all the main story chapters in "True Impact" are very cool. We are likely to conduct a similar review of the 2021 event. The Genshin Impact Starter Account wish of Lantern Net event will distribute 1 billion Primogem among all Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact version 1.3 was released on February 3. miHoYo has not officially announced when version 1.4 will be released. We also analyzed recent leaks and explained the source of the leaks. Finally, Genshin Impact may soon receive the local PS5 version.

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