Abstract Writing

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In this article I will tell you how to write the abstract.

The abstract is a secondary work in its essence, you can get help with this writing by essayassistant.org. The author of the abstract summarizes information from various sources, supplementing them with their own conclusions. Obligatory requirement is the formation of a list of used sources on which the abstract is based.

General provisions on how to properly draw up a list of references in the abstract:

  1. List of references is placed at the end of the abstract, after the conclusion. If the abstract has appendices, the appendices follow the list, or you can visit this page.
  2. The list begins with a new page. At the beginning of the page is placed the title - "List of references" (sometimes the teacher requires to title this section differently - "Literature", "List of references", "List of references").
  3. The list lists all the sources used in writing the work - both printed on paper and electronic.
  4. Each source in the list has its own number (1, 2, 3 ...). These numbers can be used in the references, which are made on the text of the work in square brackets - for example, [5, p. 16] means that the quote was taken from the fifth source, from page 16, also you can click link.

For a long time, no, one writes abstract by hand, preferring to use text editors. List of references provides a similar design - printed. In MS Word on the tab "References" there is a special tool - "References and references".


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