Learning Centered Work

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The changes in the sphere of education brought additional responsibilities and expectations to school administrators.

Traditionally, job descriptions for these officials focus mainly on the administrative aspects of their work. However, their daily duties differ greatly from learning centered work, which ensures effective outcomes in the field of education. This paper provided by legal brief writing service describes the differences between the daily duties of traditional school administrators and learning centered work.

Considering the work that school administrators do every day, it becomes obvious that they handle various issues related to administration, curriculum, student discipline, evaluation, and educational procedures. According to the list of expectations proposed by Luther Glick in 1937, principals and administrators are responsible for planning, staffing, organizing, coordinating, directing, budgeting, and reporting. Later, the American Association of School Administrators added more roles to the list, such as stimulating and evaluating staff. However, nowadays, educators try to move away from the traditional approach to administrative work by focusing on properly defined learning centered strategies. Learning centered work is a pedagogical style that shifts away from the practice of instructions to the focus on students. It is an educational practice according to which students should be actively engaged in their learning process, curriculum material, and the relationship between each other and their instructors. It is expected that students will perform more useful activities by employing skills that are usually applied by their educators and administrators to reach the goals of learning-centered teaching, such as critical thinking, communication, and problem solving.

In conclusion, traditional school administrators conduct the daily activities set by the Association of School Administrators. Learning centered work, in its turn, presents a practice where students are also involved in this process on the same level as their instructors. Such cooperation allows them to demonstrate better results in the educational field.