Should we be worried with Big Ben?

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We all were spoiled by the fall of Mut 22 coins Tom Brady: For most quarterbacks, it's still a sudden and steep. Ben Roethlisberger looks like he was playing full Thelma, Louise and jumped off the edge of a cliff. Steven Ruiz, the Ringer's director of video productions, cut Ben's throws up against the Bengals on Sunday, and then re-enacted them on grainy western-style video footage, with saloon music as background. This wasn't just the most entertaining thing I saw on Monday however, it was the most heartbreaking, considering Ben appears completely clean.

The Steelers have not made the decision to invest in the offensive line the offseason. This has resulted in an ineffective run game, even with Najee Harris being selected in the 1st round. Harris was selected in the first round and had 19 catch. Harris was able to catch 14 passes, and was among the targets during Sunday's pass game. Lindsay Rhodes invited me to her show on Monday. She revealed this gem: Harris gained 109 yards from the catch, and receiving yards of 102. It's amazing!

This is as evident from Ben's Next Gen Stats passing charts. This has effectively made the offensive horizontal. There is no protection , and he lacks the strength of his arm to move the ball downfield quickly.

Steelers were hoping to defend but the secondary wasn't strong and the defense line that is the strength of the team, is being hampered by a variety of players. T.J. Watt was the most prominent player to be excluded from Sunday's game because of a groin injury. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the Steelers defense was shaky and was a major issue against Joe Burrow Sunday. It's extremely difficult to envision a solution to fix these issues.

While Carson Wentz's performance on the field isn't an issue however, it's a concern. Indianapolis' main concern is Wentz playing too frequently in 2021 and being forced to trade one of their top 10 players since the team isn't doing well.

This aspect of the madden coins game has been pretty much unchanged over the last two years, and it's a huge slap on the faces of those who bought the game. These are the techniques that make a lot of EA sports games so awful.