How to satisfy the curiosity of cats for laser pointers

I remembered the cat game that made fun of cats before. After only a few days, the cat no longer hated this.


I remembered the cat game that made fun of cats before. After only a few days, the cat no longer hated this. This cat foxtail is quite inconvenient. It is convenient to have a 3w laser pointer pointer. You can sit on the chair and make fun of the cat. The owner is not running around behind the cat, but the cat. You will start to run around your master. First, drive the light source. Especially LEDs have specific requirements for voltage, so if they are driven directly, the brightness will quickly decay over time. Therefore, for LEDs, a stable current circuit is best. This circuit can adjust the voltage generated by different batteries to the best condition for the LED. The flashlight can realize various lighting functions through the control circuit. It emits different brightness, which can meet the needs of strong light, just right, weak light, flicker, SOS rescue signal and so on.

Light emission in semiconductors is usually due to carrier bonding. The semiconductor PN junction can reduce the potential barrier of the PN junction when there is a forward voltage. Electrons are injected into the P zone from the N zone through the PN junction, and holes are injected into the N junction from the P zone through the PN junction. Will be injected. The Burning Laser Pointers pointer needs to be warmed up when used in winter. Some laser pointers need to warm up for 2-3 seconds even in summer. Since the laser pointer depends to a large extent on the working temperature, it will affect the lighting and continuous lighting in high-temperature and low-temperature atmospheres. this is normal phenomenon. There are many uses for laser pointers. You can use them in office meetings to highlight important presentations, or as similar high-tech toys at home. The powerful laser beam can hit distant targets and focus on the object without any physical contact.

It is different in many ways, but power is always the most important consideration. The high power level in milliwatts (mW) makes the beam look more vivid. Not only are they low-power opponents, they sometimes even target them directly. For most simple tasks, these high-power Laser Pointer are not a safe choice.