Tony Hawk developers merge with World of Warcraft developers

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Do you know? The studio that made World of Warcraft and modern Tony Hawk and Crash Bandicoot remakes is now one. Activision announced that it has merged "Vicarious Visions" into Blizzard Entertainment. The company will support "existing Blizzard games and plans" and will no longer develop its own games.

An Activision representative told “After working with Vicarious Visions for a period of time, a good relationship has been established and Blizzard realized that [Vicarious Visions] has the opportunity to Buy WOW Classic Gold provide long-term support.” Although the studio itself will remain in New York, Vicarious Visions is about 200 Employees will now be part of Blizzard. VV studio head Jen Oneal will now serve as Blizzard’s executive vice president of development, and former COO Simon Ebejer will take over her role.

In the past, Vicarious Visions has been a support studio for Activision-Blizzard, responsible for the development of ports and derivatives for the WOW Classic Gold guitar hero, Tony Hawk and Skylanders franchise. The company also helped deal with the PC port of Destiny 2. Recently, the studio developed the excellent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake.

There were rumors last year that Vicarious Visions was working with Blizzard on the long-awaited remake of "Diablo 2". Although these rumors have not been confirmed, it is believed that the studios that have done so many remakes in recent years may be prompting "Diablo 2" returns. Diablo should give Blizzard long-term fans some hope. Especially after the release of "Warcraft 3: Remake".

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