Simply hold L1 (LB) on your Xbox and point your finger at the player

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Simply hold L1 (LB) on your Xbox and point your finger at the player

Simply hold L1 (LB) on your Xbox and 2K22 MT point your finger at the player who you would like for to activate a "pick-and-roll. Be patient. Do not press the switch if you don't see it or aren't able to see an track. Try again and reset. It is important to be smart and fast.

This is the case for players who wish to get into NBA 2K22 this year. You can choose to play MyTeam, MyCareer, or MyWNBA or MyWNBA, you'll have to decide on a plan and stick with it. However, you aren't able to dabble with the other options, but all three have a season pass with access to content. It's a little easier to finish out the season pass than this year, however If you're spreading yourself too thin, you might not be able to collect all the rewards.

If you're an average player you are free to be relaxed. There's plenty of things to accomplish in all three modes, and if you're trying to compete against other players, it's no issue to move between one mode and the next.

This guide isn't intended for top-end MyTeam players. You likely already have the stick skills to compete in online. If you are a new player or who want to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT refresh their skills, offline modes like Triple Threat Offline and Domination could be extremely beneficial.