Path of Exile in 2020 is plagued and rejoicing

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Although COVID-19 broke out globally at the beginning of this year, which caused heavy losses to the physical and virtual game industries, the game studio called Grinding Gear Games that developed Path of Exile still performed very well in 2020. Although they did not complete the four regular expansion release tasks each year, the perfect experience they brought to the players was no less. Many fans claim that their POE Currency reserves have reached a terrifying number before the end of this year.

This year’s first Delirium League brings players endless thrills and excitement. Many players fought fiercely in this league for three months and accumulated a lot of practical combat experience. When the game team developed the second expansion, they considered that players need to relax, so the Harvest League came into being. Regardless of the player’s strength, as long as they put in enough effort, they can get corresponding achievements in the league. Compared with the Delirium League, this is a very relaxing experience.

The extension that the game team added in September is Heist. This is a league that requires players to consider many factors to pass. Although there are not many factors that threaten the players in the game, if they are not careful, all their efforts for the robbery will be in vain. When it came time for developers to release the fourth league, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 disrupted GGG’s original schedule. They had to postpone it and temporarily use three epic activities to give players a normal gaming experience.

2020 will end soon. About ten days later, players will usher in a new expansion. They’d better Buy more POE Items now in case it soon leaves them behind by those well-prepared players after entering the new league. Let us continue to struggle in a better direction.