Email Marketing Increase Customer Engagement

Email marketing matters because it helps generate leads and acquire more customers as compared to social media platforms.


Businesses have a great digital marketing tool to reach out to their customers anytime, anywhere. You will be surprised, but this  online marketing tool is none other than email!.

Email marketing is the most direct and reliable form of communication between your brand and its valuable customers. One of the major reasons why emails are so effective is their ability to offer a high level of personalization to marketers.

Email marketing personalization means addressing each individual customer personally by crafting unique emails according to the personality and preferences of each customer. In today’s digital world, where every brand has taken up email marketing, personalized email marketing is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Why? Because customers love to feel special. If you provide customers information that is useful for their needs instead of generic self-promotional messages, they are more likely to develop a strong relationship with your brand.

According to a study by Adobe, millennials spend around 6 hours/ day reading their emails. Personalized email marketing drives customer engagement because it is the most effective way to let your customers know that they are valued in digital marketing.