How to Create a Real Estate Website

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If you want ro get a new website for your real estate business, we are here to help and assist you! Read our article now!

Landing page or full-fledged website?

 To make a landing page faster, because it's just one page of content, but a full-fledged site will give the visitor more information about your company. Let's take a closer look.
A landing page is a one-page page whose purpose is to sell one specific service. Traffic to it comes not so much from search as from advertising: social networks, contextual advertising,

A regular site is a more functional and familiar site with a branchy menu. The main goal is to increase customer and partner loyalty. Therefore, pages with information about the company, its employees, examples of services performed (cases), news, and a blog are added to the basic elements. Think about which of these you need, and plan out the structure of the site. Mind maps will help with this.

What to choose - a landing page or a website - again depends on your tasks.

What are the elements of a real estate website

Create a free website for a real estate agency - add pages, modules, galleries of new apartments, houses and summer cottages for sale or rent. It is no longer necessary to involve programmers for this work.
Attention! Don't forget to add a few required blocks to your real estate website:
1) A map with a proposal for objects
2) Terms of cooperation
3) Transaction guarantees for the client and contact details.

What platform to create a website for a real estate agency: Weblium

Website builder Weblium offers its users:

- Intuitive constructor interface,
- Thematic templates - we have prepared a series of designs specifically for real estate agencies,
- Flexible additional functionality - everything you need can be easily edited in a few clicks.
A website for a real estate agency on a constructor is an excellent solution not only for creating a main site, but also for forming a whole series of attractive landing pages.