Madden 22: Players can already experience the 10-hour EA Play trial version

Madden 22: Players can already experience the 10-hour EA Play trial version


As we all know, EA's Madden NFL 22 will be officially released on August 20. For players who can't wait to experience the game first, the good news is that players can now experience the American professional football game first by purchasing one of the more expensive versions of the game.

Starting on August 17, the MVP version of Madden NFL 22 and its Dynasty version will be unlocked three days in advance. This means that players can spend $100 to buy the MVP version of Madden NFL 22 Early Access, or they can start playing its Dynasty version for $120. If the player is a subscriber of the service or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the player can still play the 10-hour trial version of Madden NFL 22 on EA Play.

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Subscribers will be able to Buy MUT Coins Madden 22 experience the trial version of Madden NFL EA Play from August 12th, but only on the host. There are still a few days away from the official release of the game. This is the full version of the game, but it is only a 10-hour trial version. Therefore, players need to remember to completely close the game at the end of a particular sitting position in order to make the most of it.

To get the 10-hour trial version, players only need to search for Madden NFL 22 on their platform. If the player is an EA Play subscriber, it should appear as available for download. For example, on Xbox Series X, players need to go to the game page from the Microsoft Store application and choose the "select version" option to hide it.

According to RealSport101, the Madden NFL 22 EA Play trial version will not be available on PC. If PC players want to play the early game, starting from August 17th, players can unlock the Dynasty and MVP versions of the game three days in advance. And this is the full version of Madden NFL 22 without any time limit. These MUT 22 Coins versions are also available on Xbox and PlayStation, and have the same Early Access rewards.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are on the cover of Madden NFL 22. The home-court advantage function is one of the game's new systems designed to replicate the difficulty of the away team winning in the away game. For more information, please check UTnice, where players can also buy the cheapest Madden 22 Coins on the market.