Covid Marriage Rules in India That You Must Know!

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People rush to get married as a maximum of 50 guests are allowed in a wedding hall. Couples want to get married in July, in anticipation of the third wave. therefore knowing the government’s guidelines for Covid Marriage Rules in India is necessary..


The wedding industry in India is a billion-dollar industry at its peak time. In Chandni Chowk (A wholesale market in Delhi) alone, while the time is right, the shops see a collective business of over a million dollars. 

But due to the pandemic, it has all seen a huge decline. With sales at a negligible level, people aren’t even able to scrape by while they were able to live amazing lives prior to the pandemic.

A shopkeeper in the same Chandni Chowk district had to fire more than 70% of his staff due to not being able to provide them with any further assistance. 

The situation is dire, and the effect can not just be seen on the Industry but at the location itself. 


Guests Are Limited

The number of collective guests that the concerned families can have at the event has varied a lot.

Earlier, what used to be 500 or even 1000 guests to be invited to the different occasions has now been severely cut down to 50 or 25 or even 10 at times.

So people who were unable to get married and were growing impatient due to the constant reschedules, some of them have decided to get married with these restrictions so that they can at least start their lives together as these times are uncertain.

Invitations on Hand or Not, Corona Not Entertained

Even if there are no strict regulations in some places, some families have created a screening system wherein people have to get their RT-PCR test done a few days prior to the event so as to be sure that people do not come into contact with a person affected with corona.

People likewise have been asked to get their vaccine dose documents shared before they can be put onto the guest list. 

Spendings Have Dipped

While people who had to lay off their staff due to insufficient work do manage to get some work somehow, to get things into place, they have to hire private contractors that are overcharging their prices two or even three times.

While people used to have singers and performers in all their functions, people are not hiring many entertainers due to there being a guest cap.

For example, people have only one singer in their overall events. Where people used to spend over two lakhs on the whole baraat sha-bang, people no longer do the same as people are restricted, and thus the cost comes down to less than 20k over the entire baraat procession. 

Auspicious Moments Not So Auspicious

If a couple and their family is seeking out the perfect conditions, like the weather, and the place and the time and the no. of people and a lot of other factors, they have to compromise.

Some may not find the best place or be able to invite everyone they want. So people are having to figure out the best dates that they can get the majority of factors in.