Let's look forward to Madden 22 Face of the Franchise mode

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EA Sports will release new information about Madden 22 until the game is released.

EA Sports will release new information about Madden 22 until the game is released. EA released a small tidbit about Madden 22's franchise model face in the new trailer.The overall shape and appearance seem to be almost the same as those in Madden 21, and Madden 22 Coins are also provided.

The player will start a story with a custom character, he started from a young age, played from college, and eventually landed in the NFL. In the process, Madden 22 Coins will make choices and perform in challenges, thereby increasing or decreasing their draft stock. At the end of the mode, if the players perform well, they will be selected by the team in advance, if they perform well in certain areas, they will be selected, if they perform poorly, they will be selected, and in the end, they may even lose the selection. Once selected, the player will be assigned as a whole and will basically play the franchise model as a player.

Regarding the new features of Madden 22, so far, the biggest change in the mode seems to be able to play more positions. Previously, this mode limited the options to quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. Players will be able to play on the defensive end for the first time in Madden 22. If they wish, players can work as linebackers throughout the mode. It is unclear how much the story will change based on the selected position. It seems that players are likely to see the same story in all locations, but will Buy MUT 22 Coins and game situations, but this is just a guess.

According to the trailer, this story will be Madden 22's new story. Players will encounter new "diverse" characters and witness new cutscenes. Finally, the trailer says that there will be more information about Madden 22's Face of the Franchise mode in the near future. This information will include details of other scenarios and skills added to this version. For players who want to make a career in the new mode, buy Madden 22 Coins seems to be a good choice.