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This year, because of the global COVID-19 outbreak, many game companies had to suspend or delay the release plans of their major games, but GGG from New Zealand did not do so. Judging from the current situation, although they temporarily postponed the POE 3.13 expansion originally scheduled to release in December, they have done quite well in other areas of Path of Exile. From the continuous increase in the number of players, people can see how popular this game is. POE Currency is the key item that supports these players to flourish.

The now closed Delirium League and Harvest League and the currently hot Heist League have been warmly welcomed by players after their release. Each league has a unique mechanism and gameplay. Although it requires players to spend a certain amount of time to adapt, this process is enjoyable for many players, which makes them very involved. The game team also gives players a lot of freedom. Both roles and skills can be constructed according to their own wishes, as long as they have this ability.

In the development stage of each league, the game team will launch corresponding patches at the appropriate time based on players’ feedback, aiming to optimize the players’ gaming experience in the current league to enhance their loyalty to Path of Exile. From this year to now, GGG has added countless patches to the game, and players now almost no longer have to worry about the game crashing or the problem of skills not being released.

Path of Exile is a very potential ARPG game, which requires developers and players to work together to stimulate its potential. Although they cannot play the POE 3.13 expansion and POE 2 Beta this year, they should know that the wait now is just for a better future. So players can Buy some POE Chaos Orb to increase their experience and strength. This is the focus of their game.