Jim Corbett Hotels At Suitable Price

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Jim Corbett national park is an amazing place to travel

Jim Corbett national park is an amazing place to travel. This park has the most tigers as compared to any park in India. It has a beautiful waterfall, wonderful temple, river rafting and jungle safari and so much more to discover. But when you go there, where should you stay? And what type of Jim Corbett hotels you should prefer, don't worry, I am here to discuss. I will tell you how to find Jim Corbett hotels at a suitable price.

Best places to stay at jim corbett national park

There are lots of places to stay at jim corbett but then can be confusing thats why we divided all the places into main 3 categories

  • Resort

  • Hotels

  • Homestay


When you places like jim corbett and you want the best scenarios and best services then you should prefer resorts it will be best experience for you

Atulya resort

Near to the jim corbett, with a big swimming pool, and has a large lounge area to sit or wait for guests the resort also provides indoor and outdoor games and so much more.

Corbett Riverside Resort

It is one of the most beautiful riverside resorts with the longest private river bank among others for their guests. They also provide rock climbing, river rafting and so much more.

Corbett View Resort

Covered with all the jungle and beautiful scenarios like tiger view or any other wildlife nature view. And it also provides all types of games and activities or jungle safari.


If you are the person who just wants comfortable rooms to stay and you want to discover all the fun on your own then Jim Corbett hotels are the perfect choice for you.

Holiday Highlight

Holiday Highlights has quite a big lawn for guests sitting with rooms to stay and some mind-refreshing views they also provide indoor games and they have good staff and services