Fixing AOL Mail issues on Android with server connection

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Know about very common issue users face with the AOL Mail app on Android with connecting to the server and the simple ways to resolve the problem.

People are no stranger to how successful AOL Mail is, even after years of extreme challenges and taking hits in the existing market. But, it’s also true that every time that happened AOL Mail came back with an exclusive and effective solution. Now, one of those problems is the “AOL email on Android unable to connect to server” issue. And that is what this read is focused on. So, let’s get to it.

Resolving the issue for AOL


AOL Mail, suiting the ever-evolving digital world, launched its app for Android. And the “AOL email on Android unable to connect to server” issue has been very often. So, here’s how you can fix it:

Resetting the AOL password

This is for when you get an error message while your AOL Mail login. Fix it by changing or resetting your security password. And you can do it by visiting, which is the official login page for AOL Mail.

Software upgrade

First and foremost, always begin with ensuring that the software version on your phone is up-to-date as the app works best when on the latest version.

Restart the Android app with Force Stop

This has been verified for 4.4 and above version.

  1. Get into “Settings”
  2. Hit on “Apps”
  3. Go to “AOL”
  4. Go for “Force Stop”
  5. Go to the home screen
  6. Re-launch the app

Uninstall and reinstall the Android app

Follow this to delete and get the app again.

  1. Get into the phone “Settings”
  2. Hit on “Apps” and then “AOL”
  3. Go for “Uninstall” and then “OK”
  4. Download and install the AOL app again


Being a technical service, AOL Mail has seen a lot of downfalls but has continued to come back stronger with effective resolution methods. Thus, AOL came up with a few ways users can undergo to fix the “AOL email on Android unable to connect to server” issue. The four easy ways are mentioned above with easy elaborations that would help you overcome the problem and use AOL Mail with ultimate ease.