Ready to Market Your Indie Published Book?

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Founded in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run in a bedroom office to one of the leading book publicity agencies in the world.

The trend for authors to publish their books independently continues to gain momentum as more people decide to become writers. If you've been running searches for how to market my book, read on for tips and about what works best. Even though you've handled things on your own so far, you also may want to consider bringing on board professional book marketers. While they can't guarantee specific results, they can take the workload off your shoulders and work with a well-organized approach. What matters most is the content of your book. For anything else to succeed, it must be good.

If you're going to handle your book marketing DIY, first accept that it requires a multi-faceted plan to succeed. You can't just talk about it on your social media, for example, and expect to spark significant results. Most books benefit enormously from media coverage because it is repurposed on the internet far beyond the original audience. A television interview that ends up on a video-sharing platform remains there forever, and it is common for viewership to reach the tens of thousands or more. So make sure to include media outreach in your plan and approach multiple outlets to get sufficient coverage.

Approaching the media requires materials, which you'll also need to write. They include your bio, a press release about your book, perhaps, and a fact sheet on your book topic if relevant. It would help if you made yourself and your work appear newsworthy, so trying it into current events will improve your chances for success. It takes a similar approach with bloggers, who also can be very helpful if they mention your book to their followers. Online reviews are a big part of sparking book sales today, and don't forget to ask people to write reviews proactively. They also help your visibility online.

Speaking of the internet, having an author website is required today; it's no longer an option. Your site is about you primarily but also includes a page (or pages) about your book. The materials you've prepared for the media, including your bio and picture, also need to be on your site. Social media plays a role in book promotion these days, but it alone is not enough for most authors. Pick two platforms and frequently post to build a following. Avoid the hard sell or being overly promotional. You need to strike a balance between content about your topic and specific mentions of your book.