Memorize updating the MetaMask extension without an intermediary

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to ensure that you don’t face any trouble because of an outdated version of any software, we are here to assist you how to update your MetaMask extension manually.

The software does come with regular updates. Updates can be referred to as a way of bringing out new techniques and adding them to the existing version to provide users with better functionalities. As the crypto trade is also wholly dependent on digital platforms thus, the tools to carry out the trade such as crypto wallets, and extensions are also available in the form of software.

Thus, to ensure that you don’t face any trouble because of an outdated version of any software, we are here to assist you how to update your MetaMask extension manually. We all know that MetaMask is a crypto wallet used to manage and store the valuable funds generated out of the crypto trade and extensions are the bridge that lets the investors access their wallet on the web.

But what if you are using an outdated version of the extension?

Will it help you to streamline all your crypto activities easily?

Obviously “NO”. So, to throw out this trouble from your path we have prepared this read. Go through the provided information to learn how to tackle this issue conveniently.

A guide to manually updating the MetaMask extension

Extensions are the link that connects the investors with their respective wallets via the web. The process of accessing the wallet doesn’t end with getting a compatible extension installed on your device, rather it does need regular updation if and when a new version is launched.

The read was prepared with the aim of providing you with complete information on how to update your wallet extension without involving any intermediary in the complete process. In this section of the read, we will discuss the updation steps of one of the widely installed Chrome extensions of the wallet.

The steps to get the Chrome extension updated manually are:

  1. Initiate the process by opening the metamask Chrome browser on your device
  2. On the toolbar, next to the search bar, click on the “Fox” icon to open MetaMask
  3. From the displayed list, tap on the “Manage Extensions” option
  4. The previous action will result in the opening of the extensions page on your browser
  5. At the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll find a developer mode, slide it to enable it (or toggle it to ON)
  6. Now, a ribbon will then appear, hit on the “Update” button

All done!! This will get your MetaMask extension updated to the latest version. The steps involved in updating the extension are straightforward and can be easily completed within a few minutes.

Closing Words

MetaMask wallet extension plays a vital role in the complete trade and investment mechanism. An outdated version of the supported extension will let you lose the crypto opportunities, which as a result abstain you from uplifting your trade journey to new heights. Thus, it is advised to regularly update your wallet extension, so that you can perform well in the crypto trade and make handsome profits from them.