The PKing community of RuneScape was a good group of players in the days of wilderness

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The PKing community of RuneScape was a good group of players in the days of wilderness

One of the arguments RS Gold have been raised is that the arrival of new bosses does not necessarily mean graves. Are you seriously? Tormented Demons, an updated boss, came out in 2008. According to what I can tell, even if my friend and I bless each other (he blesses me, but the latter has not yet passed away) I can always return in three minutes. The whole argument about gravestone blessing is irrelevant. It doesn't really matter if your grave has been blessed. It's still possible to get back.

The Corpreal Beast on the other hand, has been specifically designed to avoid using the mechanics of a cemetery. I'm certain Jagex saw the error and was embarrassed by the bosses of care bears who created gravestones to avoid any chance. You have only two minutes to go back to your stuff. It's impossible to leave the property prior to it becoming public loot.

Finally Nex, I have yet not to fight her. It is possible to claim that Nex would have had these mechanics because most people believe that Jagex worked on the update for a long period of time. While a blessing can help you get back to your grave here, it is m belief this would of been included in Nex's design.

In terms of all bosses in other games, they were designed to be used without gravestones, with actual risk. You can retrieve items from Bandos KBD, Chaos Ele and Mole if you have graves that don't have bless. A grave that has blessing opens up DKs, Arma and Sara.

Additionally, graves lower the risk of RS by a huge amount. Yes we understand that someone won't be able to bless your grave in order that they can get there mitts on your rage, but this is the point. It's not about them being a penis. It's how the RS death sentence is executed and has been distorted because of graves.

The bless was not intended to replace the idea of friends taking things and returning them, but a way for friends to help you out in the event of your passing. The solution is simple You have three choices. You should only risk what you can afford to loose. We're hoping for a decrease in bosses who have gear that is overloaded since they stand a small chance of losing it.

Boss with your friends - this was the way people used to go prior to graves, when they were looking to take less risk. Boss as you are doing currently, but realise that if you lose the blessing your way, you're only yourself to blame as I for one will be savoring various strangers' fat loot piles. I hope this is all clarified.

The PKing community of RuneScape was a good group of players in the days of wilderness (this was many years ago). We first asked "dm?" Before we attacked anyone We demanded "dm?" Before we attacked anyone. We wanted to make sure that the person was prepared and we could have a fun, safe, fair fight.

People do dm'ed. Too many times in RuneScape now a-days, I will ask someone "dm?" to get a response of "sure" or "yes" and then have players run to the bank just a couple of minutes after the fight.

We also OSRS Accounts each other's best accounts against one another, our mains. Because the stats were balanced it made this more enjoyable. It was fun to watch range beat melee and mage, etc. We now have pures that are totally not balanced. This means that PKing is less enjoyable.