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Madden NFL 24 Week 13 Highlights from Sunday's

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09/22/23 - 12:00


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03/01/24 - 12:00

After being benched during the Sunday game some concern over what the future would hold for Geno Smith would continue to be the team's starter of the game in New York.The speculation was put to be put to bed--at least for the moment--on Monday when news broke that Smith will remain New York's primary quarterback.

Madden NFL 24 Week 13 Highlights from Sunday's Takeaways:Panthers,Bengals rollingCurrent Madden NFL 24 playoff pictureScores from all over and around the leagueSunday Night Football Giants beat Redskins 24-17 refs cost Redskins comeback chanceJeff Triplette demonstrates callSaints-Seahawks preview for the MNF's big matchup,betting odds,trends and picks to take a look

The 23-year old has had an up and down rookie season but has had some issues recently.He completed 9-of-18 attempts for 79 yards with one interception in the game on Sunday,before being substituted for Matt Simms.Smith has already recorded 19 interceptions in the current season and is the leading scorer in Madden NFL 24.New York,however,remains in contention for the playoffs and may give him a chance to get back on course.Alongside Simms,an experienced David Garrard is also on the roster.

Madden NFL 24 accepts that it made a refereeing error during the Washington-NewYork game

There was some controversy Sunday night as at the conclusion of the game an official wrongly declared a first down and then the chains were moved.Chains were moved back in the next play and turned into fourth down.Madden NFL 24 vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said the crew was negligent and should have stopped the play to fix the problem.

"In the case where there is a clear confusion over the status of the down,play should have been stopped prior third down and with the correct down should have been communicated to both teams.This was required regardless of the fact that Washington did not have timeouts,and it took less than two minutes."

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