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FC successor would do away with loot boxes

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09/21/23 - 12:00


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05/01/24 - 12:00

This is a story-driven RPG, after all, so you might have some difficulty just playing it like itArsquo;s an arcade game. But Elderand is a great game for when youArsquo;re on the go, and you have a bit of time to **** on your Switch, or even on your laptop. ItArsquo;s available on consoles, too, so no matter where you are, you can play in peace and quiet.

EA Sports FC's Dynamic Packs Are A Depressing Evolution Of Loot Boxes

If you thought that EAArsquo;s FC successor would do away with loot boxes, youArsquo;d be dead wrong. In a move that has surprised exactly nobody, some format of Ultimate Team will return in the game formerly known as FC 24, and the packs that earn the developer so much money will return with it. This time, however, theyArsquo;re going to be so much worse.

IArsquo;m not proud of how many FC Points I buy. ItArsquo;s not a problem, I spend well within my means, but every 20 quid I throw at the latest promo comes with instant regret when I donArsquo;t pack the supercharged Darwin NAuacute;Antilde;ez or Ian Rush on my first go. Those 20 quids add up. Never insurmountably, but itArsquo;s easy to see how some people can find themself in serious trouble thanks to video game FOMO.

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EA is doubling down on the loot boxes Andash; or Alsquo;surprise mechanicsArsquo; as it calls them Andash; by reportedly introducing Dynamic Packs to EA Sports FC 24. These leaked packs are, in essence, a pity mechanic. Many gacha games offer similar ideas, where if you open a certain number of packs, a rare pull is guaranteed. Apex Legends, EAArsquo;s other loot box simulator, does just that for its prestigious heirlooms. The chances of getting one are infinitesimally small, but if you open 500 packs, youArsquo;re guaranteed to get a pity heirloom. This not only keeps players playing the game, it keeps them opening packs.

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